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Some of that Haikyuu!! action Some of that Haikyuu!! action

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I'm screaming I'm so late on this but I literally just drew kagehina and posed it on NG with the yaoi tag, and I decided to check it and the post right before mine was more kagehina LMAO

Amazing picture btw, love how tsundere Kageyama is, and the coloring is so pretty.

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Sibortech responds:

OMG, yaassss dude. I love art style btw. It's awesome!!

- Kill the dragon - - Kill the dragon -

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I really like this! You're an awesome painter, and that dragon head is phenomenal. Slight nitpick though, her legs are super awkward to look at. Maybe you were going for the comic book "boobs and butt" pose? I'm not sure. (Though I suppose in this case it would be boobs and hip/thigh, but I digress.)

Anyway, I feel like maybe giving her a more assertive pose would make this a whole lot more powerful. She just killed a dragon! That's fucking awesome! It would be great if we could see the victory in her expression and pose, and I feel like it would fit the quote you put in your description. She's a badass, pose her like one!

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